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Doctor, Therapist, Magic Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Oriental Medicine man and others.
In the last 21 years I’ve realized that we are all different, we are all unique, the ten’s of thousands of people and accompanying spirits I communicate with have given me a realization that there is nothing more rewarding than being of service.  If you give me your trust I can promise to do my best to guide and pass along spiritual guidance.  I have a team of spirits that work with me, they have chosen me to work through, this team is a combination of doctor, therapist, oriental medicine practitioner and others that come in and out when the circumstances warrant it.  I have faith that all will be clarified, does not matter if reading or cleansing, spirit will speak and guide you on the right path.


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Opening and unblocking pathways to facilitate healing, providing information from your personal psychic development

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